I love English, it’s like writing music, I guess. In fact many of the words became words out of natural sounds, so words and music seem to match what makes it an enjoyable experience far beyond any imperialist controversy. However I dislike some insect’s names, dragonfly, firefly, caterpillar, they have a more beautiful counterpart in Spanish.
Speaking about beauty, beauty of images can be found on Instagram, that piece of shit, egocentrism container where you can’t find a linkeable gateway to real world or alternate point of view. And you don’t want to. Posing with a flower makes a difference, turns you desirable and nobody will ask you whether you are in your mother’s garden. So we can meet there anytime and share the shelter, while it’s online.

Nada es para siempre

Porque nada es para siempre he decidido crear este blog.

Todo cambia. Cada vez más rápido. Y de pronto, desaparece. Pero mientras dure voy queriendo publicar algo diariamente, con lo mejor que se pueda del castellano e improvisando algo en otras lenguas.

Chill out. Follow me. Síganme los buenos, y los malos también.